January 17, 2017 | Nathan Lewis


I am currently doing a project related to mental health and I wanted to create a 3D model brain but was not sure how to go about having one created until a friend suggested our new University of Huddersfield 3D printing society.


Since I was a bit in a rush and don’t have much knowledge in 3D modelling, I was happy to find 3D Design databases like Myminifactory and Thingiverse where you can download thousands of models ready to be 3D Printed.

After a few minutes, I was able to find a model that looks exactly like what I was looking for. 

3D Printing

After contacting the society they were happy to help me print my 3D model brain. 

Having the model already sliced in two pieces instead of one piece was very appreciated in this case as it is less wasteful when printing (no need for supports) and helped in having a smooth surface that didn’t require post processing. 

Once it had been printed it turned out fantastic and I would happily contact the society again and recommend for future 3D printing.