December 2, 2017 |Damianos Thoma


With the advantage of the Christmas holidays being right in the corner, I wanted to make a little present for a special person in my life. Having the chance to use the Ultimaker 3 extended it gave me the opportunity to print complex gaming character design without worrying about any support removal, due to the available water soluble material.


Since the fact that I personally do not have any Character design skills, I download it from a famous website called Thingiverse and after that I used the open source slicing Software called Ultimaker Cura for slicing and preparing the GCode for the print.  

3D Printing

The Game Character has been printed with two different types of materials PVA and PLA. PLA material is used mainly for the Actual print whereas PVA is used as a support material. As you can see the result of the printed Gaming character looking good with a significant details which will help the design to be more realistic after post processing it.