October 8, 2017|Younes Chahid


If you have been following us recently, you’d notice or know that we recently got a new 3D Printer (Ultimaker 3 Extended) Sponsored by Create Education.

Create Education main mission is to make 3D printing and cutting edge technologies accessible to everybody. The company is notorious for its interest in schools and participating in kids STEM events, giving a free no obligation 3D Printer loan for schools,  and last but not least resources/training/project collaboration ideas.


So why did we buy an extra printer ?

As a society that is always listening to its members, we had many occasions last year where we felt limited in terms of what we can 3D Print. Ultimaker 3, freshly released in 18 October 2016, was made to break those limits.

Printer Capabilities and Specifications

  • Dual Extrusion:

Ultimaker 3 Extended has a double extrusion capability. This allows printing the supports in a water soluble material, allowing the printing of super complex models in one go. It also allows printing a model in two colors at the same time.

  • Diversity of Materials
  • Maintenance and user friendly:

With material-matching swappable print cores, 215 x 215 x 300 mm build volume and an automatic bed leveling, our experience with the machine have only been smooth and easy.

Machine Test

  •  3D Printing of Benchy

The famous calibration Benchy design was download from Thingiverse. We then imported the STL model to Cura and chose a layer thickness of 0.06 (Printing in PLA)

We then sent it to our Beast Printer, see time-lapse below

  •  3D Printing of Voronoi like pattern ring

The second test was to try the PVA (Water Soluble filament as support). We chose the Voronoi like pattern shape ring from Myminifactory.

See timelapse below for the print:


Finally, we can only say that our experience with our sponsors, Create Education,  and Ultimaker 3 Extended has been a success.

We are looking forward to try more materials (Nylon, Flexible TPU..), collaborate with our sponsors on more interesting projects and continue further on our main mission which is to unleash students/community creativity by materialising project ideas and designs using the 3D Printing Tech at a low cost.

PS: Here is the link to join our society (link), don’t forget to check our events calendar and attend them. See you!