March 23, 2017 | Alex Garth


Ever since the Meta Knight Amiibo figure from Nintendo was released I wanted one, but it sold out far too quickly and the price inflated beyond its value, so I decided I would get round to making my own.

I eventually got round to it, pulling from a single reference heavily, which was a sculpt from a popular art sharing website deviantart.


Designed in Solidworks from the ground up was rewarding, as it isn’t 100% made to do this sort of thing.

I should learn a better tool that would allow me to warp things in a freer manor rather than a strict, calculated way. However I overcame those struggles and got a result worth printing, and sharing on Thingiverse.


Owning my own 3D printer (very out of shape) put me in a mind-set of the rules come with the process, to reduce supports required.

With this sort of project it would be hard to avoid supports, so the printer at the society was used, as it has made some good impressions of its ability and the ease of the service (on my end, I bet those rafts and warping are a nightmare to handle).

Post Processing

Once I got my parts, drilled into it to make places for more magnets (this whole thing builds easier than Lego), and places to make the figure pivot. It was the easier way to achieve the best result for me as I could tell if parts we even or sat in the right place and looked right as a whole, so I could go back and edit the files knowing where to place the edits.

Once all this was done it was down to the usual sanding, primer, more sanding and top layer colour painting process.