January 21, 2017 | Chermagne Barnachea


Being part of the animation industry, we are always looking for new and innovative ways of producing stop-motion animation, as well as digital design that can be translated into tactile puppets and models. 3D printing gave me a new industrial process to work with in creating test models for animating.


Having access to previously designed puppets and models, via My Mini Factory and Thingiverse, allowed me to see what designs worked best for the animating style that I needed. After testing the different 3D designs and prints, I saw what was better suited for my animations and projects, then applied these to my own personal designs.

3D printing

As part of the society, there is a great opportunity to get hands-on with the 3D printing work taking place. Not only can you watch your designs being printed, but you can have the chance to learn how to prepare your 3D designs, to be print-ready.

Since working closely with the 3D Printing Society, I believe that my course and my personal projects have been enhanced by the cutting-edge process of 3D printing. It has helped me produce work that stands out from the rest, as well as helped me gain external commissioned work.