January 16, 2017 |Robert Northway


As a second year Mechanical Engineering student, I got involved with the 3D printing society at the start of the year after speaking to one of my peers.

So far I have used the society to enhance both academic and extracurricular projects. For example, a few of my peers have arranged an extracurricular project for a number of Mechanical and Automotive students to get involved with.


The summary of the project is to rebuild a 2001 “Triple 8” Vauxhall Astra Coupe touring car lent to us by its current owner. So far with the project, I have 3D modelled a complex multi-component suspension top mount which is to be manufactured using our on-campus machine shop.

3D Printing

Working with the 3D printing society I was able to print out the main body of the top mount in order to verify the 3D CAD model I had created before committing to metal.

The process of getting my model printed was efficient and friendly. Younes is an absolutely fantastic society president and someone who is genuinely passionate about additive manufacturing.

He is dedicated and is always on hand to help if you run into any problems. During my first introductory meeting I was given an in-depth explanation of the 3D printer by Younes and shown how to use its proprietary software. The whole experience was very engaging and since then I have learned a whole lot more about 3D printing which has enriched my academic studies even further.