April 29, 2018 | Damianos Thoma

Nicole is a student in Horbury Academy, Wakefield, West Yorkshire. She had the idea of finding a solution to one of the problems caused by her Narcolepsy, and hopefully help people who suffer from the illness.

 Nicole recently won the Runner-up Junior UK Young Engineer of the Year 2018 Award during the last Big Bang Competition for Young Scientists and Engineers. 

She started with the idea of creating a smart adjustable device to hold her head stable sideways in case she suddenly sleeps in a passenger vehicle. After much experimentation she settled on her very first prototype which slips over the car headrest.  She made a prototype in the garage with her dad out of plastic and foam!

To take the idea further, Nicole thought of getting assistance in designing the model in CAD and 3D printing it, that’s when she got in touch with our society through the staff member Dr. Christian Young and Dr. Leigh Fleming.

The designs were done in Solidworks and sliced using Cura then 3D printed using the Ultimaker 3 Extended 3D Printer. The chosen material was PLA, which is made from corn and is biodegradable.

Nicole received the Junior Engineering 2018 Runner Up Award. In addition to this, she was then selected by ENGINEERING UK to represent the UK in the Broadcom Masters workshops in Pittsburgh, USA. This brings together 25 young rising stars in Science and Engineering from around the world. Her family is currently fundraising to fund her (Fundraising link)

We at the 3D Printing society wish her all the best in her future and career. Thanks again to Damianos Thomas, Younes Chahid and Matthew Heath from the 3D printing society.

 Nicole’s scan 3D print done using kinect camera + Skanect software and 3D printed on Ultimaker 3 extended.