Helping to supply the nation with PPE

Working with MedSupplyDriveUK and other partners, the National 3D Printing Society has assembled a manufacturing and distribution network to help meet the PPE demand during this national pandemic.

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National 3D Printing Society

The aim of the National 3D Printing Society or N3DPS is to connect like-minded societies to allow cooperation and help expand the field of student 3D printing. We believe 3D printing is a technology that all students should have access to in some form and we want to help facilitate starting more 3D printing societies around the UK.

Recently, however, we have pivoted our resources to build a network specifically for 3D printing face shields for our NHS staff, to assist with the national shortage of PPE. N3DPS are getting their design approved for use in hospitals across the UK. We have a simple design with quick printing times and low production cost, as well as a distribution network that covers the whole of the UK. This will help to maximise the impact we have on NHS front line workers as well as care homes and other surgeries. Working with existing NHS suppliers, we are the only initiative in the UK with the ability to ensure PPE gets to where it is needed most on a national level.


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What We Offer

3D Printing Society Starter Pack

The National 3D Printing Society offer a starter pack that can help you start and build a 3D printing society in your university. It provides you with key information on how to create and run your societies activities and help you find and grow membership. The starter pack is a combination of our knowledge and experience within the 3D printing industry and gives insight into the development and running of two of the biggest 3D printing societies in the UK.


The National 3D Printing Society has a range of forums that can help you build connections with likeminded people who are passionate about 3D printing and wish to promote and educate on their societies projects. The forums also provide a space for you to share and gain advice on designing for 3D printing and 3D printing hardware, whether it’s in modifications or what works best for a society community.  

National Collaborations

The National 3D Printing Society is here to help you build up collaborations with other universities and external companies. We can help build up your societies skills and knowledge, whether that is with joint society projects or additional help within student projects.  


The National 3D Printing Society is here to help you obtain sponsorship and connections from external businesses that want to help build knowledge base and skill sets. Sponsorships can also help you with investments into materials and hardware, whether that be discounts or money to help build and promote your society and the industry.

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