Working with MedSupplyDriveUK and other partners, the National 3D Printing Society has assembled a manufacturing and distribution network to help meet the PPE demand during this national pandemic.

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N3DPS Face Shield

An N3DPS Protective Face Shield is made with two parts: A screen and a 3D printed mount.

Screens can be made from clear PVC binder covers with a 4 hole punch, using an A4 ISO-888 hole configuration.

Mounts can be printed in less than 1 hour and can be stacked to produce multiple mounts from a single print.

Our shields have more depth when worn, allowing room for larger facial features, masks and large glasses.

There is no need for fibre elastic to secure it, making it easier to sanitise and less wasteful. In the rare case of needing more grip, an elastic band can be used at the back.

N3DPS Protective Face Shields are NHS accepted and we are working on getting the design CE approved.

All N3DPS Protective Face Shields will be sanitised and assembled by our partners before reaching those on the frontline.

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