University of Cambridge


Founded in early 2016, CU3D are Cambridge’s society for student led 3D printing projects. Whilst a lot of cool research goes on in our department around additive manufacture and its applications, this is beyond the scope of what most students want to do with 3D printers. CU3D was born to address this need, to help students bring ideas that they have into the physical world using rapid prototyping and a team structure. We support and train students to run their own projects, as well as running whole team major projects such as our current contraption display that we are building for the Heath Robinson Museum in London. We rely heavily on the machines and expertise in the Engineering Department’s Dyson Centre for Engineering Design, as well as the support of external sponsors such as Stratasys.

We exist to help students realise their ideas, and to give them the skills to take additive manufacturing into their careers once they graduate